Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Going As Planned

I am a planner.

I am damn good at it. 

I always look for the opportunity to plan something.  Weddings (duh), birthdays, anniversary parties (knee-deep in planning one for next month!), room schemes, grocery shopping, our days/nights/weekends, you get the point.

But there is one thing not going as planned.  And I am planning, and planning, and planning yet I can't pull off this event.

I feel like I keep restrategizing, reorganizing, recalculating, re-praying, re-hoping. 

And then, in less than 3 minutes, a month... 30 days... 720 hours... 43,200 minutes, of planning, waiting, praying, hoping, gone.

And then.  I am left.  Heartbroken.

I am blessed in many ways.  And I guess this is God's event to plan and not mine.