~Est. 2010~

Our Home
~Est. 2010~

-Exterior, in the fall-
Future Projects: First, get a new pic to show you what we have done so far!  And add a dwarf Japanese Maple and rebuild the steps and railing.

-Dining Room-
Projects Completed: Painting, new window coverings, decor.
Future Projects: New covering for French doors, refinish buffet, bench for under the window.

 a.k.a. My Mauve Nightmare
Projects Completed: None
Future Projects: PAINT.  The walls, the stairs, the ceiling... all of it. 
And new window treatments, entry furnishings and decor.

Projects Completed: Painting, new trim, new floor.
Future Projects: New window covering, new vanity, new tub and surround.

-Master Bedroom-
Projects Completed: Painting, window coverings, add cushion to bench and decor.
Future Projects: Make headboard, refinish end tables, paint ceiling fan, refinish dresser, add area rug.

-Current Office & Workout Space-
Projects Completed: Organized the space and utilizing treadmill storage :)
Future Projects:  This will be the nursery!  So new window, painting, update light fixture, add baby decor.

-Sarah's Dressing Room & Guest Room-
Projects Completed: Organized for current needs.
Future Projects: This will be the office/guest room.  We plan on adding a bed/futon, side table, a reading chair, and a desk with office storage.

a few more rooms and spaces to come!