Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Open Letter to Our Unborn Child

Hi Baby,

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  You are not even conceived yet but "so much" does not even begin to describe how much we love you.

In December 2010, Daddy and I knew 2011 was going to be a big, huge, exciting year for us.  Yes, we were going to Paris and London, settling into our first home, celebrating our 1st year of marriage and enjoying our last year in our 20's.  But more important that anything else happen in 2011, we were planning on starting our family; beginning with you.

We love you so very much that we decided we had to get fit and healthy just for you.  And since we knew we couldn't do it alone, we enlisted the help of a diet program and would make us lose lots of weight and get healthy in a short amount of time.  But Daddy and I pay $X,XXX.XX a month for the special food.  Daddy has lost almost 40 pounds but me, Mommy,... well, I am struggling to meet half of that.  But I am trying and I will not give up!  And that means, I will be on this plan a while longer.

So we might not be able to give you the best designer stroller/diapers/clothes but we will get you the safest car seat and crib that money can buy, give you a safe house and warm clothes, a full belly and a happy life.

And I might not be able to stay home with you everyday and watch you grow, but I promise I will be able to play with you for hours when I get home and have the energy to keep up with you and everything you do.   

But most importantly, we promise you a healthy family.  You will be healthy and so will we.  And though you might not understand the importance of it now, you will someday.

So Mommy will keep spending an insane amount of money to get healthy.  Cause it is good for us but it's all for you.

Love you so so so much!
Mommy and Daddy.

And to the readers of this blog: I'm not psycho!  I am just desperate to remember the reason I am on this damn diet to begin with... haha!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh What a Day, What a Day...

What do you get when you combine ...

1 Stressful Day ...


1 Bud Light ...


1 Girl on a Diet ...


Ya get a little loopy blogger!

Ugh, who has to find the steadiness to walk off the beer calories.

Have a Molson/Mojito/Margarita/Milk Monday :)

(all images from

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My New Best Friends

Top 10 London (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides)


Rick Steves' Paris 2011

I am a woman obsessed.  We bought 3 books to help us prep for our trip.  Yeah, that means two books on Paris.

George and I love the practical advice Rick Steves offers. And the Top 10 books from Eyewitness are helping us focus on the "top 10" things to see and do.  For example, the top 10 gardens, the top 10 museums, the top 10 things to see in the Louvre, the top 10 cheap cafes, .... you get the point!

We had been very conflicted on what to do with our savings.  We saved for this trip but once it was time to start booking we were so torn: Life vs.Responsibility.  Do we take the trip of a lifetime or pay off debt and have a savings?

Yep, we chose life! 

And it's funny, people keep saying "Good for you" and telling us how they had wanted to go to Europe/Asia/Africa before having children but never did and that it is hard to once you have kids. 

That was our fear, too.  I hope, once we get there, we will realize we can bring a family overseas and it won't be so overwhelming and unfamiliar. 

Have any of you traveled with young kids or plan on doing it soon?  What are your thoughts on long trips with little ones?

That's all I got!  Happy Wednesday :)

oh, p.s. - George also received his passport today!! And he keeps reminding me that HE is going to Paris but I'm not yet; not until I get my passport...bah!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe that 10 months ago today, Geo and I ... after 5 years of dating... became husband and wife...

I swear, I don't know how it's been almost 6 years since we first met but it's the wedding anniversary that boggles my mind!

It's funny, I was totally "that bride" with dates and events.  Everything was "This time next week, we will be married."  Or "when we do this next year, we will be married."  Heck, I would even say "as of tomorrow, I can say 'I'm getting married next year/month/week'."

I did this for everything!

And now that we are married and settling into our home and life, I've started say, "next St. Patrick's Day, I won't be able to drink (hopefully!)."  Or while making summer plans, I will say "next year, we can't travel/camp/eat out with a 2 month old".

I don't mean to wish time away... but oh, how I wish we could start growing our family now!

But it's okay.  Geo and I are enjoying our anniversaries, our travels and our little family of 2 :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drastic Decor Decision

Everything is changing. 

I think I lost "my" style in the sea-of-shabby-chic.  I have always loved the muted colors but but not the distressed look. 

Most of the blogs I read, are heavy on the shabby-chic/rustic ocean-side cottage look.  And that's okay!! 

More often than not, I love the blog-land rooms I see!  And slowly but surely, my style started to evolve into the distress, beachy look.  But that's not me! 

Clean, classic, crisp and muted is me.  Like this... - wall color: Grey Mirage

Okay, okay... this is almost me.  I'm not a fan of the cubes on the table or the vines on the stairs but overall, it's clean, classic, a touch modern and subtle. 

Of course this all come to head when we are in no position to redecorate, with the trip coming up and all. 

So for the next 2 months, I will be planning the elements and stalking the sales so, the moment we return, I can get to work!

Another inspiration came from an old mood for from ...

That is our dining room set!  We have similar blinds and green glassware!  And I have been adding pops of spring green for our spring/summer look.  I want to add white curtains over our French doors to cover the hideous vertical blinds.  So though we have this look in the making, having a little guide is helping me stay focused.

More ideas to come but in the meantime, have you had a decor change-of-heart?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yay for Wednesday!  I have to admit, this week has been a long one and I am very excited to be over-the-hump and closing in on the weekend :)  So with that, this is what I am loving tonight.

This weekend is St. Patty's Day weekend in our city!  And it's the one weekend I (along with everyone else in the city) get to show my Irish roots and celebrate.  Yes, I will wear green.  Yes, we are hosting Kegs&Eggs.  And yes, we will be in the bars before noon!

Our flights and hotels are all booked for our London and Paris trip!  We are 10-shades of excited to go to Europe.  Geo filed for his passport on Monday and I go tomorrow.  It's getting so-so real!  Now we just need to work with the travel agent to book some excursions and experiences.

I started working out.  I use the words "working out" in their loosest  sense.  I'm walking 15 minutes on the treadmill each night.  I picked up our treadmill for $50 at a garage sale 2 summers ago.  And it's not the best.  It's loud and the belt slips around so it's kind of annoying to use.  But it's something for now!

Today is my Grandma's birthday!  We are getting together with her next weekend for a birthday breakfast and I am very excited!  I haven't seen my Gram-cracker since Christmas (ugh, I know... I'm that grandchild) so it will be so nice to catch up.

Spring!  I am so ready for spring.  I have started planning our garden and planters.  We are getting ready to restore our back deck with Restore
 Restore® Deck Restore Kit (49005) - Ace Hardware

You select a color, get it mixed, washer deck then paint this thick, crack-filling, waterproofing paint that gives the surface a composite wood-like feel and look.  We are so excited to get this going.  And to get to the farmers' market, take walks and enjoy the spring :)

Hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday night!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tracey's Bridal Shower

I am SO excited for this weekend.  We are going to be insanely busy but at least it's a lot of fun events with wonderful people.

First, tomorrow night is our usual drinks with friends!  Did I ever mention that Geo, his best man and 2 of his 3 groomsman all work together?  It makes it easy for planning our friend events! 

Saturday is Tracey's Bridal Shower!!!  I am very excited to see Tracey step into that "bridal" role.  Similar to me, she has struggled a bit getting that bridal feeling.  Mine hit with my bridal shower... not my dress, not booking the reception but a party celebrating me becoming a wife.  I bet the same will happen for her.

Any how, since dropping some weight which seems to be in my chest, where I don't need to lose weight, I thought I would get a few new pieces for the event.

My outfit consist of a new, light pinky-taupe silk top from Target, black pants that now fit, a simple long gold necklace, gold earrings and a-pop-of-pink shoes...

The shower is at noon and at 4, I am off to Natalie's 6th Birthday Party!

Like her sister, Natalie will be receiving a Fisher Price Digital Camera and a little photo album. 

Then Sunday is devoted to relaxing and redecorating!  Yes, everything in this house is changing.  I don't know why this happened but the muted, beachy look isn't working for this house. 

So my plan:  Classic Style with a modern twist.  I want to keep it simple, timeless and welcoming.  Updates to follow :)

Happy Almost Friday!