Monday, December 26, 2011

Paris: Day and Night

Paris: Day and Night

Martin Grant cap sleeve blouse
$265 -

3 1 Phillip Lim sleeveless tank
$250 -

Alexon light pink cardigan
£70 -

Fleece cardigan
€65 -

Naf Naf blouse
€40 -

Kaliko wide leg denim jeans
£28 -

Tory Burch ballerina flat
$225 -

Jimmy Choo expandable tote bag
£875 -

Satin handbag
$22 -

Wrap scarve
$350 -

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a year of health, wealth, happiness and love,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Tom - ta-Tom-Tom-TOMS!!

So obsessed with Tom's Paris Ballet Flats!! 

Spring 2012 can't come fast enough... neither can the linen flats pink and natural and burlap toe flats in a 10 :)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How I Want Our Holidays to Look: The Table

Courtesy of Pottery Barn... and feeding into my impossible picture-perfect holiday dreams.




How, How, HOW, do they always get it right? 

Either way, there is 15-weeks left to 2011 and I can't wait to bring in some of this beauty into this year's Big 3 decor !

Are you already planning for the holidays? 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember

10-years ago today, my amazing state of NY and all of America suffered a lost greater than we have ever know.

Kind of like the famous "where were you when Kennedy was shot" of my parent's generation, "where were you on 9/11" is the question of my generation.

I remember so clearly that day.  It was my second week of my sophomore year at our local community college. I was in my first class of the day, Journalism 2, and we were actually watching CNN, listening to the news so we could write a story based on a new report.

There was a breaking story of a plane flying into one of the World Trade Center buildings.  We sat there stunned. My teacher ran out to other classrooms and other students came into our room: it's like he knew something was very wrong.

As we listened to the reports come in, a second plane hit the other World Trade Center building... we watched it happen.

Again, our teacher left the room and soon the Dean came on the load speaker to announce, due to recent events and security issues, classes have been canceled for the day and he advised us to go home and remain up-to-date on the events that were unfolding in NYC.

I remember walking numbly down the halls... seeing the TVs mounted in the lounges, halls and cafes with horrific images of a city close to my backyard, and even closer to my heart, in a panic.

First responders were just getting on the scene, people were running and flames were building.

As I drove home, the radio stations had switched over to news reports and it was obvious that the USA was under attack.

I got home, grabbed a small TV and went to my mom's office: I couldn't be alone. 

I watched everything unfold with my brother and sister while my mom and her co-workers worked quickly to cancel appointments for the afternoon.

We went home, held each other close, and prayed for all of those in NYC, PA, DC and all of America. 

Today, 10 years later, we again are watching the images from that day, holding each other close and praying for those lost, those who survived, those left behind and for peace.

Always remember 9/11/01

Sunday Morning

(Totally thought I posted this last week!... so double post day it is)

I love our Sundays. 

Typically they are slow, mostly lazy days filled with nothing big but totally special.

We start off waking up a little late... or maybe early... whenever we feel like! 

Then we go off to our favorite neighborhood diner for breakfast.  We are basically regulars but only our drink orders are regular: Diet Pepsi for him and a Jamaican Me Crazy coffee.

For breakfast, I typically do eggs (over-hard, egg white omelet with cheese and veggies, scrambled with cheese), bacon, sour dough toast and home fries. So much bounty for $4.99!

G tends to get the French Toast special with sausage and steals half of my home fries.

Yeah, it all looks like a lot of food but we typically don't finish all of it and ALWAYS skip on lunch.  Ahhh... a good breakfast!

Then we go home or to the store to get groceries.  And the rest of the day is light cleaning, lots of resting and tons of enjoying our time together.

How about you? 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Going As Planned

I am a planner.

I am damn good at it. 

I always look for the opportunity to plan something.  Weddings (duh), birthdays, anniversary parties (knee-deep in planning one for next month!), room schemes, grocery shopping, our days/nights/weekends, you get the point.

But there is one thing not going as planned.  And I am planning, and planning, and planning yet I can't pull off this event.

I feel like I keep restrategizing, reorganizing, recalculating, re-praying, re-hoping. 

And then, in less than 3 minutes, a month... 30 days... 720 hours... 43,200 minutes, of planning, waiting, praying, hoping, gone.

And then.  I am left.  Heartbroken.

I am blessed in many ways.  And I guess this is God's event to plan and not mine.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Working on Our Fitness

We took the plung and ordered an elliptical!
Geo and I have been talking about getting an elliptical for a few months now.  After lots of research, we decided on the PrForm Adjustable Stride Elliptical...

It had rear-drive, which offers a more natural stride and has less electronic components to potentially break. There are 3 levels you can set the stride to, allowing you the ability to focus on different target muscles. You can also use the iFit cards to get a custom workout, which is a nice plus. 

I am so excited to have the option of working out in the privacy of our home.

We ordered it from with free shipping and handling.  We were tempted to get it from the store but HSN had better warranties.

Yay for getting healthy... again :)

I will let you know how it goes!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I Am 29.

I turned 29 this month.

It is almost surreal! 

I keep thinking about my early and mid-twenties.  In my early twenties, I fell in love for the first time. It was hardcore, crazy-stalker love.  When the love was gone, I was devastated. 

But I was 21.

So I did what any single, 21 year old would do: I took it to the bars!

I moved from the peaceful suburbs to the city.  Dated like it was my job.  I was careless and fun and confident. Not reckless: I paid my bills and went to work but not playing-it-safe either. 

It was me, my friends, cute boys, cocktails and dancing.  Every weekend. Every year.  For 2 years.
So 104 weekends of living it up to the max.  And the weekends started on Thursdays in college.  So that is 312 nights of partying.

I am exhausted just thinking about it!

At 23, I met Geo.  I was ready to calm down and he was ready to break out of his video-game-focused life.

I wanted to show him the world and he wanted to give it to me.

A year later, we moved in together. 

For the next 3 years, we bounced around to different apartments but settled into our routine.  Had our ups and downs and ups.  It was bliss!

We got engaged when I was 26, almost 27.

I panicked.  I had always worried about divorce and  not making it as a couple/family but getting engaged took my natural-panicfilled-life to the next level.  I went nuts. I got better.  We moved forward.

We got married when I was 27, almost 28.

Our first year of marriage was wonderful!  I can write that in past-tense because we are techinically on our second year :)

It's so interesting to see my twenties come to a close.  I'm not sad or scared about getting older... I'm more interested in seeing what curves and turns and twists are ahead.

Thought I am still dipping my toes into 29, I am excited to see what will have this last year for my twenties.  It was a deadline for many big events (married by 29, have a baby by 29, go to Europe by 29) but now that it is here, I see it as a "goal line" and less definate.

How are all of you with aging?  Do you take it in stride?  Do you get a little freaky when big events take place?  Tell me I am not the only one!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I have spent the last... oh, 4 months, gawking at all the beautiful inspiration on Pintrest.

Last week, I decided it was time to participate.

Honestly, I don't have much yet.  Even more honestly, I don't know how people fine SO MUCH STUFF!

And I am kind of a blog slut.  I blog around. I blog and tell.

So if I think I am bad, there must be some real blog ho-s out there :) 

But come visit me and see what I am liking -

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!  George is FINALLY coming home and I couldn't be more grateful.  With the week I had, all I want is him.

Tomorrow is our Friday then we are off to Toronto!  Go Yankees :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

While George is Away...

First, let me say WELCOME new followers!  I have no idea where you came from but I am thrilled to see you hear.  We are going to be the bestest of blog-land friends :)

So, as a refresher, when my husband is away on business, I love to do little projects and surprise him when he gets home.

Some bigger... like painting the entire bathroom, mounting the cabinet, bringing out our new towels from the registry.

And selecting and laying a new laminate floor in the bathroom....

And smaller projects, like hanging photographs of the sand dune from our mini-moon in Cape Cod/Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard....

And getting a new duvet cover for our bed (which, still need so much more help)

So what was up my sleeve this time? 

I'm painting.  Again!  But because of my little episode on Thursday, I thought it might be safer to hire out; aka, pay my brother and his buddy.

Yep, you can't tell a darn difference between these pictures.  But it was a tan with a strong tint of pink.  Ew.

So we went with a cool, grey-green.  I promise to get you a better pic when there is sunlight!

I had wanted to take off the doors from the one large cabinet in our kitchen, paint and style the shelving, in attempt to make the kitchen feel more open.  But that will have to wait till he gets home.

What projects have you been working on lately?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen inspiration from Honey We're Home...




And do-able.  We have been slowly updating our kitchen to make it more modern and open.  But since this is not our forever-house, we do not want to break our backs (or wallets) for this.

We painted the kitchen a light grey and gave all the trim a fresh coat of glossy white.

Now maybe update the lighting, the countertop (paint??) and I really want to remove the cabinet doors from our one, large cabinet.

But since I am under-the-weather, for now I will just keep swooning... le sigh.

On Not Feeling Well

When I was younger, my mom fought with me all the time about going to school when I was not feeling well.
She thought I was faking. 

Yes, if I had a fever or was tossing-my-cookies (anyone use that expression???), she would keep me home, no questions asked.

However, now it's been 11 years since high school and my mom finally realizes that I just never feel well.

It's true.

I have a sensitive stomach and I tend to push it to the limits. I know many of my triggers: I have not had citrus fruit or juice in at least 7 years.  But there are just somethings I love and can't part with completely: some bread and pasta.  And then there are things that I am okay with one day and being tortured by on another: steak, bread, eggs.

I would rather take a Tums or a Pepto when I need it instead of a daily medication.  But my stomach being "off" is always a battle.

I am also the only adult I know that gets ear infections CONSTANTLY.  The norm is about 3 or 4 a year. Some times it's a full-blow ear infection.  Other times it's fluid that is throwing me off balance.

I am also super sensitive to medication.   I tend to react in some way to everything, just like my Grandma... who has the same stomach issues as me, we call it the "Alexander Gut".

So where is this coming from you ask?

Well I fainted at work on Thursday.  Yep.  I felt off in my office.  Went into my co-workers office, knowing something was wrong.  And I don't remember much after that other than the EMTs getting there and taking my stats.

After being taken away by the ambulance and spending 8 hours in the ER, it appears vertigo and inner ear issues are the culprit.

I am taking it easy this weekend but I am MORTIFIED to go back to work on Monday.  I'm so embarrassed. And it seems like it's always something with me.

Hopefully this will be the last of my issues for a while. 

Praying this will be the last of my issues for a while.

Hope everyone is having a better weekend than me!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Favorite Things: Helpful Apps

To help me/us with our "chores", I download HomeRoutines...

For $2.99, this little lifesaver breaks the house into zones that you can add or subtract areas to suit your needs.  Then it gives you a list of what to do/clean in each zone. 

Then you can select if you want to clean on a rotating zone schedule daily, weekly or monthly.  And it reminds you what to do in the morning and again at night.


Another favorite: Fooducate!

You scan the bar-code of your food products the see how it ranks healthwise.

Last but not least, the Good Housekeeping @Home app...

It gives you tips on removing stains, cleaning various surfaces throughout the house, decorating inspiration ideas and news and tips.  So many good things in one spot!

How about you?  What are your favorite useful apps?


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Candice Olson Always Gets it Right

Yep.  Perfection.

Muted without being totally shabby-chic.  le sigh...

Monday, June 27, 2011


Geo and I have a confession to make: we are procrastinators.

Not like, "Oh I will do the dishes tomorrow."

I mean, we do laundry on Sundays and 50% of the time it remains in the hamper until we wear it... then back in the hamper for washing.

Yeah, and the dishes, they get done when the sink is half-full and the dishwasher has already filled with clean dishes.

After a long day, we just do not feel like doing much else than making dinner, straightening up and hanging out.

But I tell ya, we have done a lot these past few day! 

Cleaning, laundry, mowing, cooking, dishes, gardening... we even got a good start on our guest bedroom!  A new queen bed, bed frame and linens.

We realized our house will fall apart this month (with all the weekend traveling we have planned!!) if we don't do more chores during the week.

And when thinking long-term, our laziness will not be allowed when we have a baby so we might want to get in the swing-of-things now.

How about you?  What is your method for doing chores?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Morning

After days of rain and more in the forecast, the sky cleared as much as it could and Maroon 5 took the stage!

Adam sang and shook-his-groove-thang (while I had a perma smile on my face) for over an hour and it was amazing.  They gave it their all and the crowed cheered for an encore. 

And an encore is what they gave us; they returned with "Sunday Morning"!

Can you hear Geo singing at the top of his lungs??? 

And I am not sorry for the shaky camera... we were dancing to our song :)

Many may have questioned our choice of having "Sunday Morning" as our wedding song.
My response is the same every time: it's romantically realistic.
"Thing just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do.  Sunday morning, rain is falling and I am calling out to you.  Singing someday it will bring me back to you. Find a way to get myself back home to you."

With that, it's Sunday morning and I am going to find my way to Geo!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday

Geo and I have one heck of a summer planned and it kicks-off this weekend!

Tonight, we are on our way to see Maroon 5.  In concert.  For our first time.

For those who don't know, Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" was our wedding song.  And I am praying they play that little ditty tonight so we can beam with love and delightment at each other!  Yep, I love me some cheese :)

The concert is a few hours away from our house, so we will be sleeping over then hitting up the wine trail on the way home ...

... and hopefully, the outlet mall too!  Mama could use 4 new pairs of shoes and some new pots and pans :)

Then Saturday night, we get home and head out to Beer Fest for our friend's birthday!  The best part... well, other than unlimited beer... is we get to hang out with our "extended" group of friends. 

You know, there are your close friends, which is 3 other couples and us, and your extended friends, which is about 8 couples and us.  And it sounds like almost all 9 couples will be together, drinking and being marry.

Then Sunday my youngest cousin, Johnny, is graduating from high school! 

Hope you all have a great weekend as well!!

Thank You McDonalds

I would like to thank McDonalds. 

I know, I know... fast food is the devil (cause so delicious with calories and greasy-goodness) but when they launched the "Any Size Coffee for a $1" promotion... I fell in love and I don't care who knows it!!

So every other morning, I get my large coffee with 2 creams, 1 sugar for a whopping $1.08.

Gooood Morning Sunshine!!

And those 108 pennies that I spend every-other-day seem to make that day so much more enjoyable... like I have something to look forward to... something other than the weekend!

I hope these dollar days are here to stay! 
Happy Friday morning :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a Little Bump in the Rue

So, we left off with Geo and I having a perfectly Parisian lunch and touring Notre Dame.
We had schedule an illuminations bus tour for that evening so we went back to the hotel to rest.

A few hours later, we decided to head to the Louvre so we would be close to the bus' pick up area. 

This is the bus stop...

Haha... right?!  The bus stop was right in the middle of the road that cuts through the plaza of the Louvre and drops you in front of the pyramid.  Crazy!

We were stunned by the beauty and massiveness of the Louvre.

So stunned, we had to call home while there... it was just too much... we had to share!

So I took the above picture, turned around and saw this...

OMG!  Eiffel Tower!  Just there!  I cried.  It was just such a magical moment :)  Worthy of a picture, in the opposite direction... haha...

Next, we started walking through the gardens of the Louvre at sunset...

And again, there in the distance, the Arch de Triumph and Cleopatra's Needle...

Geo and I were pretty excited to see Cleopatra's Needle for several reasons.  1.) His Mom and Dad are pretty in love with all thing Egypt and 2.) We have now seen all 3 Needles: the one in NYC, the one in London and the last in Paris.  Pretty sweet, uh?!

And of course, the Arch de Triumph made us weak in the knees!!!! 

One last pic of us at the gardens while we wait for our tour bus.  This will mark the last nice picture of the evening...

The rest, from the bus tour, all turned out like this...

So we LOVED the Louvre, the Glass Pyramid, the gardens and the view. 

We didn't love the tour. 

They picked up us in a nice area, central to public transportation, which was nice.  The bus was enclosed allowing for no pictures.  The bus route made it that all the sites were on the left side of the bus; we were on the right.  But the French music in the head phones we nice... but a vocal tour would have been great!

We would have been okay with all the above IF they hadn't dropped us off in a completely different area that had low lighting and ZERO public transportation options.  AT MIDNIGHT.

After walking around aimlessly and consulting our Rick Steve's tour book, we found out that you need to go to the taxi stands to get a taxi; you can't hail them like in NYC.  So after an hour of trying for a cab, we jumped in a cab with another couple heading in the same direction.

Overall, it was a great night.  I got to see (some of) a glowing Paris with the man I love.

Next, all of Paris in a nut shell!