Sunday, October 24, 2010

Excuse me, what’s my inspiration?

Right when I get back into blogging again, our camera broke!

I will spear you the saga of our-cameras-of-the-past but, let's just say, point a click camera's need a case.

Anyhoo, in the mean time, I thought this might be a great time to show you the inspiration ideas we have collected of our home.

Let's go room by room, shall we.

First: The Living room -

Images from Google search: Hollywood Regency and Pottery Barn or HGTV
I do remember the bottom photo being Tori Spelling's house!

Second: The Master Bedroom

photos from Google searches of:
 Candice Olsen, Hollywood Regency and Pottery Barn Bedrooms

The kitchen:

The Dining Room:

And other spaces in the house:

OBVISOUS TRENDS:  Dark woods, white/cream/neutral fabrics with a French Eclectic/Nantucket Chic vibe and  a Hollywood Regency twist.

I love the classic styles.  I would rather buy a old piece of furniture and refinish with it in with a glossy white paint than buy something new and without character. But there are modern elements that rock-my-socks, too ;)

George is right on track with my taste but he likes Asian elements and anything with water!  He's a sucker for fountains, ponds, koy fish and a touch of straight lines.

We strive for the clean-crisp formal look that is balanced with coziness and comfort.  I have to admit, it's something I struggle to get just right but I am hoping I will have less trial-and-error decorating once the major piece fall into place.

Later this week, I will give you all a video tour of our city chateau but, in the meantime, what is your decorating style?  Are you a slight contradiction of decor?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We are now pronounced Mr. and Mrs.

Yes, that's us!  With two simple words, we became Mr. and Mrs..

I'm no longer "Tres Chic" and he is no longer "The Mister".   We have  come together as a family and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!

So new introductions are in order:

Hi!  I am Sarah ...

I'm 28 and a newlywed with a love for all things French, a passion for food and wine and a craving for event planning.  I'm an Account Manager at a medical software company by day and a home improvement guru wannabe/modern day working-wife by night.  I love crafting, organizing, over using "..." and "!!" and my husband.

And this, is George!

He's 28, a supervisor at a point-of-sale software company with an addiction for video games, the mind for strategizing and a love for ice cream, his family, friends and me!  He's always willing to try new things and is the best partner-in-crime a girl could ask for.

And this is our home...

err, ignore that "for sale" sign... it was the best picture I had on hand! 

The sellers took the word "neutral" to a whole new level.  Everything was a deep khaki/taupe color... the living room, dining room, bathroom, bedrooms, office, attic... it's everywhere! 

But there is a ton of charming details and we are super exciting to show you what we have done, what we have planned and how executing our plan go!

Oh, and plan on some TMI moments cause that is how I role.

You and Me - The Honeymoon: Part Deux

So far we loved whale watching, walking around Hyannis and exploring Martha's Vineyard but we were ready for some beach time.

The wonderful perk of renting a cottage was the family who we rented from, gave us their Barnstable Beaches Pass, allowing us access to the private, town-owned beaches!

And with a little stalking research, I found a beach we could spend the day at right by this kind-of-a-big-deal house...


I won't bore you with the 17 pictures I took from this single angle, but I was very, very excited to see Camelot and the grandeur that comes with the last name Kennedy.

The Mister soaked up the sun and got some reading in...

while I took more pictures of sand dunes and the landscape ... 

I was hell-bent on getting a couple-shot so I found some rocks to place the camera on, had the Mister pose,  got the shot right, set the timer on the camera and RAN into place next to the Mister.  Not a bad shot, huh?

As I am sure you noticed, I do not know how to relax.  This is literally something the Mister and I work on.  I often get antsy.  This turns into me needing to release energy, which leads into me wanting him to get up and do something with me, which results in him having no relaxation time.

But there is something in the air that made me slow down.  I don't know if it was the "honeymoon bliss", the easiness of the Cape lifestyle or that I am a water sign (Cancer) and I was always just steps away from the water, but this trip, I was understanding relaxation!

 We loved our day re-lax-ing at the beach!  And the weather could not had been any better and we were in a Cape Cod-state-of-mind.

The next day we spent time in Mashpee and other towns on the Cape.  

On Thursday, we went to Nantucket and found heaven.

We enter the Nantucket Sound with a greeting from a light house and wood sailboats bobbing in the water...

Once docked, we rented bikes and set-off to discover the island.  First, we went to see that charming light house that greeted us on arrival.

The beaches on Nantucket are privately but the owners allow the public to access as long as they are respectful.  This includes not taking any seashells or leaving any trash. 

But the beaches are LOADED with shells and we thought it would be the perfect souvenir of our time in Nantucket.  So we took just one, large clam shell to remember our time on the island and our one moment of being rebels!

We hopped on our bikes and went back to the village for some breakfast.  I saw on the Today Show that one of their anchor's all-time favorite pancake spots was Black-Eyed Susan's on Nantucket.  So this was a must for us to eat at.

Their blueberry pancakes were to die for!  I usually pass on pancakes and waffles and lean towards eggs and bacon.  I made an exception and it was TOTALLY worth it.

After breakfast, we got back on our bike and began our mission to find a beach.  On the way, we saw the oldest house on the island...

and biked down Cobblestone Hill Lane: the road to the rich!  The stones made for a uncomfortable ride, so we decided to walk the bikes. 

 (my amateur landscape photographer moment)

Then we found our beach.  It was just, the water, the sand and the breeze.  That was all we needed.  Nantucket was our favorite place ever!

Of course, it was also the worst batch of pictures we took.  The sun was so bright, I didn't realize the exposure had been messed up through the view finder. But the memories are forever.

The next day was our last day.  We lounged around Hyannis, visited our first Trader Joe's, started packing and went out to our last dinner at The Paddock.

(ugh, not my favorite picture... damn timer was too fast and this is the best shot out of 6 tries)

This was by far our FAVORITE trip to date.  NYC is a close second but the romance of being on our honeymoon is unmatched.

The summer flew by after our trip but our newly wed glow remains...

What was your favorite trip?

Friday, October 15, 2010

You and Me - The Honeymoon: Part Une

The Mister and I decided to honeymoon in Cape Cod, MA. The wonder thing about the Cape is its proximity to two great escapes: Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

The one bummer: we waited 3 weeks to go on our honeymoon so I could start my new job.

So in mid-June, we started our honeymoon-extravaganza with packing the car, stopping for gas and stocking up on the essentials:

Diet Pepsi for the Mister and Starbucks for me! And yes, those are wrappers to Hostess mini donuts and mini muffins... the breakfast of champions.

About 6 hours later, signs of hope started popping up and we were happy newly weds!

When we finally arrived at our honeymoon-home, we were won over by the charm of the Cape! Our cottage was cozy, with cedar shingles, cute interior and a windmill in the backyard.

We unpacked, went to dinner then rested up for our week of easy-breezy bliss!

Our first full day, we drove up to Providencetown for some whale watching. Neither one of us had ever been and we were probably much too excited for two, grown adults but it was our honeymoon! And that give you a get-out-of-corny-jail-free card for any and all actions that take place during said trip.

The next day we hit the beach and explored Hyannis, nothing crazy but totally fun.

Day three we were pulling out the big guns: Martha's Vineyard! I had been there before with my family(well, just Oaks Bluff since we didn't know there was more to see) but it was a first for the Mister.

We went to the ferry, got our tickets and headed to the Vineyard...

We walked around Oaks Bluff and ooh-and-ahh'ed over the famous gingerbread houses...

But we were kind of "over" Oaks Bluff and all the tourist. So we rented a jeep ...

(this is when we discovered the bubbly beats of Miley Cirus' "Party In The USA". Arms in the air and all)

and headed to Edgartown for some lunch.

And we spent the rest of the afternoon getting lost in the narrow, over-grown back roads of the island.

Yeah, I became a bit obsessed with sand dunes!

Up next: Stalking the Kennedy's, Nantucket and our last night as honeymooners.