Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Favorite Things: My Pinterest Boards.

I have to admit, my Pintrest boards are a thing of beauty...

I am OBSESSED with looking at them as a collection!  The images are great but even the overall color scheme seems to complement each other.  There is this romantic-with-light-and-timeless mood, that is casted by my boards... well, for me at least :)

I have also learned how you can really tell what is on a person's mind by the pins they make.

 Like a former intern from my company... she is single but tags wedding almost everyday!  Can't blame her!  I am married and still pin weddings, too.

An acquaintance of mine is a full-on, fatty food Pinner.  Can't blame her!  I have a few of them, too.  I actually go to her board when I need something for company or a potluck. haha!

So then, that means people are pulling some assumptions of "what on my mind" because of my pins.

To best honest, BABIES ARE STILL OCCUPYING MY BRAIN!  I pin things I want to remember for when the day finally comes and I have convinced myself that it is not jinxing our chance; It's smart planning.

What they will also notice, when looking at my boards, is that I am very focused on health right now.  I gained some weight back from last year... the meds I am taking are known for this. 

So people can gather two, very personal insights about me just by looking at my Pinterest boards.  (Yes, I could set them on private but I really do not mind.  It's just more interesting to think about!)

But when I look at my boards, I see the woman/wife/mother/person I want to be and the life I want to lead.  And yep, it's dripping in BLUSH AND BASHFUL :)

Are you on Pinterest? 

Do you adore your boards and pins as much as I do?

Miss you much!