Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How I Want Our Holidays to Look: The Table

Courtesy of Pottery Barn... and feeding into my impossible picture-perfect holiday dreams.




How, How, HOW, do they always get it right? 

Either way, there is 15-weeks left to 2011 and I can't wait to bring in some of this beauty into this year's Big 3 decor !

Are you already planning for the holidays? 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember

10-years ago today, my amazing state of NY and all of America suffered a lost greater than we have ever know.

Kind of like the famous "where were you when Kennedy was shot" of my parent's generation, "where were you on 9/11" is the question of my generation.

I remember so clearly that day.  It was my second week of my sophomore year at our local community college. I was in my first class of the day, Journalism 2, and we were actually watching CNN, listening to the news so we could write a story based on a new report.

There was a breaking story of a plane flying into one of the World Trade Center buildings.  We sat there stunned. My teacher ran out to other classrooms and other students came into our room: it's like he knew something was very wrong.

As we listened to the reports come in, a second plane hit the other World Trade Center building... we watched it happen.

Again, our teacher left the room and soon the Dean came on the load speaker to announce, due to recent events and security issues, classes have been canceled for the day and he advised us to go home and remain up-to-date on the events that were unfolding in NYC.

I remember walking numbly down the halls... seeing the TVs mounted in the lounges, halls and cafes with horrific images of a city close to my backyard, and even closer to my heart, in a panic.

First responders were just getting on the scene, people were running and flames were building.

As I drove home, the radio stations had switched over to news reports and it was obvious that the USA was under attack.

I got home, grabbed a small TV and went to my mom's office: I couldn't be alone. 

I watched everything unfold with my brother and sister while my mom and her co-workers worked quickly to cancel appointments for the afternoon.

We went home, held each other close, and prayed for all of those in NYC, PA, DC and all of America. 

Today, 10 years later, we again are watching the images from that day, holding each other close and praying for those lost, those who survived, those left behind and for peace.

Always remember 9/11/01

Sunday Morning

(Totally thought I posted this last week!... so double post day it is)

I love our Sundays. 

Typically they are slow, mostly lazy days filled with nothing big but totally special.

We start off waking up a little late... or maybe early... whenever we feel like! 

Then we go off to our favorite neighborhood diner for breakfast.  We are basically regulars but only our drink orders are regular: Diet Pepsi for him and a Jamaican Me Crazy coffee.

For breakfast, I typically do eggs (over-hard, egg white omelet with cheese and veggies, scrambled with cheese), bacon, sour dough toast and home fries. So much bounty for $4.99!

G tends to get the French Toast special with sausage and steals half of my home fries.

Yeah, it all looks like a lot of food but we typically don't finish all of it and ALWAYS skip on lunch.  Ahhh... a good breakfast!

Then we go home or to the store to get groceries.  And the rest of the day is light cleaning, lots of resting and tons of enjoying our time together.

How about you?