Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, it's been a few days since I last posted. Sorry about that!

Let's catch up.

So, the Mister and I got some great news; the government extended the $8,000 tax credit!! Earlier this week, we decided we were going to rent again, since living with his sister is getting a little tough. So I spent Monday and Tuesday scouting and looking at apartments in the areas we want to live in.

Then yesterday, we got the tax credit news. CHANGE OF PLANS!

So I have been researching the details of the tax credit and looking for mortgage brokers to assist us with getting a mortgage.

In the middle of all of this housing-hoopla, I received our envelops for our STDs!

So now I need to print, mount, stuff and label. I can't wait to get these out the door since I know I will go into hyper-house-overdrive!

I will get to the STDs tonight/tomorrow and show you how they turn out.

Any of you taking advantage of the tax credit? Any tips on buying a house while wedding planning?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Want Money, Lots and Lots Of Money!

I am so excited we reached our savings goal! Yes, the Mister and I had a plan to reach X-amount of dollars before the wedding so we could insure we didn't need to charge everything. And yesterday, we did it!

Well, I just spent less while the Mister saved!

We have scaled back here and there in attempts to save some dough-ray-mi. If you recall, we cut the bar time, slashed the photographer budget and kissed my Manolo Blahnik's goodbye!
I feel conflicted; we are 3-months ahead of our saving-schedule. So should we keep saving and pump up the volume on our wedding again?

It's a tough call. I mean, we can keep saving and put it towards our honeymoon...

Or maybe something a little more... permanent...

(haha... a bride can dream!)

So what would you do with a budget surplus? Splurge on the wedding? Extend the honeymoon? Or start life as a married couple with a little piece of land that is all your own?

source: all Google Image

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

I am flipping for Murad's Resurgence! Yes, this is the product Joan London pushes on the Sunday morning0 infomercial.
I purchased the starter kit from Sephora. I am only 3-days in but I am LOVING what I am seeing!
I am only 27 but I am big on aging prevention. Now, heavy-duty anti-aging products aren't for everyone. But after reading what the website and chatting with the girls at Sephora, I thought this anti-hormonal aging product might be right for me.
I have adult breakouts, red blotches, dry patches; all hormone related skin issues.
I started this in preparation for the wedding but I plan on using it long after!

What are your skin saviors? I love me some good skin products :)

Ode to Ina

If there is a person I could switch lives with for a week or just have dinner with, it would be Ina Garten, aka. Barefoot Contessa.

Ina is probably the coolest person ever and someone I strive to be like. Her career is filled with twist and turns. Ina went to school at Syracuse University (near me) and worked in at White House Office of Management and Budget. One day Ina and her adobable husband, Jeffrey, were driving and saw a specialty food store for sale in the Hamptons. Long-story-short, Ina took over the store and made Barefoot Contessa what it is today (even though the store is closed, she has made an empire with the name and lifestyle).

Ina loves all things French, as do I, has a great sense of design, as I think I do, and loves to cook and entertain, as do I.

But she took a risk on a business, which I could never do. And she does everything with such great style and grace, which I am too frumpy to attempt.

She is so cool!

The Mister and I have collected her cookbooks, we watch her show, have bought many items from her Pantry line and the Mister even tried to incorporate some Barefoot Contessa into our engagement.

Incorporate Barefoot Contessa into your engagement, you say?

Well, Ina's sixth and most recent cookbook was coming out right around our engagement. He saw that you could have a personal message from Ina inscribed in your cookbook if you ordered from the BC site.

I guess something was lost in translation but it was just an autographed copy... no "Dear Tres Chic, The Mister is about to ask you to marry him. I hope you say Yes! Ina", like he wanted.

Poo! But it's okay.

I would love to get Ina's opinions on our wedding. I know she would approve of the vintage-garden theme with lots of clean colors and soft touches to add to the romance.

Could you imagine her catering the wedding?! Even just the cocktail hour would be more than enough for me. I can see it now, roasted shrimp cocktail, herb crusted lamb chops, grilled chicken skewers with satay dip, blinis with smoked salmon and her cheese straws! ~sigh~

Is there anyone you turn to for design and style inspiration? Who is it? What makes them so fabulous to you?


Now They Can Eat Cake!

With our VIC (very important cake) flavor settled on, the Mister and I felt ready to do our full cake tasting.
As a recap, we selected the amazing Premier Pastry based on their fabulous red velvet cake!

Our next step: The Box.

Inside this little bakery box, lays 6-slices of sweet and sinful....

3 coco creations and 3 white wonders!
First up - Chocolate Praline Torte...
The texture was to die for! The cake was rich and moist, the center filling was creamy with a soft crunch from the praline-carmel candies and the butter cream... I die.

The second and third slices were delectable but that praline lingered on our palettes and in our minds.
The Mister and I agree, the Chocolate Praline Torte was the winner!
A few sips of champagne (we wanted to see if the champagne at the wedding will pair well with cake... it does!) and we were ready for the whites.
Even though I am obsessed with red velvet, white and vanilla cakes are typically what I prefer so this was going to be good!
We started with the Chambord Gateau...

It is beautiful! White cake, soaked in Chambord raspberry liquor with a raspberry cream filling. I love the look and the taste of this cake! The Mister liked it but wasn't sold.
Next was the White Wedding...

Vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream. You could see the flecks of vanilla bean throughout the cream. It was wonderful but this time, I wasn't sold.
Our final slice was Raspberry Almond Torte...

White cake with a layer of raspberry, almond meringue and butter cream. Oh yes, this has winner potential!
We know the red velvet and chocolate praline torte are in. There are a few more flavors (orange pound cake with Grand Marnier cream, fresh strawberry torte and lemon gateau, are you serious!!!) I want to try before we settle.
Next up, narrowing down the cake design!
What flavors are you going with for your wedding cake? Go ahead and make us drool!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget Them... Let Us Eat Cake!

Two Words: Red Velvet.

The Mister and I have a deep and meaningful love affair with red velvet cake. And by "deep and meaningful", I mean we will travel several hours or order from NYC to satisfy our red velvet need!

For the last few weeks, we have been cake sampling...mmmm! And our first question for each baker is "Do you have a red velvet?"

The reactions have been the same from each and every baker, "Yes, we can do it but it's not our favorite."
I guess the amount of food coloring really turns-off the bakers. But they let us try it anyway. Actually, it is not a flavor that is typically on the tasting menu so we purchased a slice or cupcake to try. We figured the baker with the best red velvet makes our wedding cake!

Our favorite red velvet is from Premiere Pastry.
.... ah, heaven! It was moist, fluffy, chocolate-y and the perfect shade of deep red.
With the red velvet approved, now we can begin our second phase of tasting!
What is your signautre cake flavor? Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, fun-fetti?!
source: and Google Image

Never Been a Tease

More engagement pictures are here! And since surprises have never been my forte, I am just throwing them out there for you all.


.... just love these colors....

my hand is random but I still love a cute-kiss-pic!

I love cobblestone and the gate... so classic!
Thanks to Velynda, our wonderful photographer at Two Chicks and a Pod, for her speediness and amazing talent!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: Our Engagement Photos

Saturday marked a milestone in our engagement: we had our e-photo shoot!
I had always wanted a fall wedding. But when the Mister and I got engaged and started talking wedding, he confessed that he always "dreamed" of a spring wedding. Yes, he "dreamed" and I had to make it come true!

So our compromise was a spring wedding with engagement pictures in the fall. Finding the photographer took almost 3 months, bringing us right up to the deadline for getting out our STDs. This left me with little time to prep for our shoot. But I had a game plan!

My vision: Bride and Groom.

First was getting our attire together. Since Western New York has been especially cold this October, we knew our outerwear was important and cute outerwear was critical! Being the bride, I knew I wanted to be in white and the Mister, being the groom, would be in black.

Thus, our outerwear...

Then for a pop of color, the Mister went with this layered look...

And to compliment him, I went with this...

After plenty of research, I found that props might help us relax and add interest to our shots.

So I developed a prop bag which included a bunch of sunflowers, our Yankess hats, a large umbrella and a change of shoes.

Mix it all together and what do you get?

Our FIRST engagement picture!

source: Two Chicks and a Pod
Did you have a vision for your e-photos? What props did you use?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Once Married and Once Wed!

Yes, I am still sick. After a round of antibiotics and steroids, I am starting to feel better though not 100 percent but I am hopefully for a full recovery soon.

This sick-spell forced the Mister and I to think about responsibility verses romance. We were open to getting married this month (on our 4th anniversary to be exact) so I could get insurance and we would have one less worry. This would be the responsible thing to do.

However, before we made any drastic decisions, the Mister looked into his health care policy for further explanation. And there it was: our loop hole!

I am able to join the Mister on his policy now but we would have to continue with his current HSA program and cannot change programs until January.

We can keep our wedding date as our official marriage date and I get insurance... how romantic!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making it Personal and Making it Public

Our wedding is filled with personal touches. We are so excited to share our love, our life, our spirit with... our guest!

There is this part of me that wants to explain why things are the way they are at our wedding.

We want to have a French bistro-style cocktail hour with French appetizers, French wine and French jazz playing in the background. And I know not a single person is going to pick up on this detail, and that it is for the Mister and I. But at the same time, I want to tell our guest about this personal touch and why they mean so much to us.

Same goes with our cookie favor bar. It will be filled with cookies we love and that mean something to us. Yes, we do have a cookie that means something to us... the peanut butter blossom with a Hershey Kiss on top... it was the first time we baked together. Yeah, I know... cheesy but that's us!

So I want to explain the meaning behind everything. I feel like it will make the day even more special if we let everyone in on what makes us, us. I just have no idea how to do it without over kill of signage or appearing self-consumed.

Did you or are you going to have lots of personal touches? Are you going to let your guest in on the meanings? If so, how?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twice Married, Once Wed.

Did I mention I am sick? I am one sick chick right now. I have the worst cough, chest congestion, sore throat and, because I am coughing so much, abdominal pain and headaches.

It has been over a week of this and I am not getting any better. In fact, I'm getting worse. So I am taking the financial plunge and I am going to the doctors... without health insurance.

I have to admit, I am scared. I find myself thinking of worst case scenarios. What if I have swine flu? What if I have bronchitis? What if I have a lung disease? I am sure many are thinking "Wow Chic, way to be a hypochondriac."

My response: Have you seen Michael Moore's "Sicko"?
Well I have. And let me tell you, it scared the heck out of me (but it was really good)!
My biggest fear is the "pre-existing condition" clause. defines it as: a pre-existing condition is a health condition or illness that you have had before your first day of coverage on a new plan.

This pre-existing condition could prevent you from qualifying for insurance coverage. So should I have something more serious, that can't be cured with a pill, I easily could be denied health care coverage.

The Mister and I have been talking about this predicament. He has health insurance through his company and I could be added to his policy once we are married or in January during open enrollment.

Halloween will mark our 4-year anniversary and could be the day we are officially married in the eyes of the great State of New York.

Yes, we are thinking about making it legal this month so I can get health insurance. It might not be the most romantic gesture to some but to me it is. This is the Mister taking care of me because he know he needs me just as much as I need him.

We aren't co-dependent but we do want to spend forever together and we need to be healthy to do so.

These are crazy times and sometimes you need to do something crazy to get through. So we might get married twice but we will only have one wedding. But let's face it, I will have to plan a little lunch to celebrate! After all, we will be married :)

Has one thought about making it legal before your actual wedding day? How did you do it and are you making it special?
source: pic 1 and pic 2 - Google Image

My Wedding Dreams

I have heard about brides having some crazy dreams prior to their wedding but I didn't think they would start THIS soon!

We are 7-months out from our wedding and I am already having consistent dreams/nightmares about our wedding. Typically, it's me having a meltdown because some major element has been destroyed.

And the best part, the most true-to-life aspect, is the Mister is always there, having a calm presence over me and the situation and reminding me that it's not about the wedding, it's about our marriage.
These dreams startle me, make me panic and can even stress me out, all while I am still asleep! And when I wake up (cause they always wake me up), the Mister is right there next to me, ready to listen even at 4 a.m. with sleep in his eyes.
He's just so cool!
Last night was a all-the-wrong-dates dream. It was our wedding day but the church forgot, the reception hall had the wrong day, guests were roaming around in chaos and I was crying and arguing with all the vendors from the Priest to the photographers. Since he was out-of-town on business, I called him at 5:23 and he listened to me and assured me they all have the right date.
The night before, I had a dream that my dress was altered the day before the wedding and didn't try it on. I went to put it on for the wedding day and the underlay was soft gold and the overlay lace was black and purple! I asked the seamstress why she dyed my dress and she said because there was a man's sock in the bag with the dress and she thought I wanted to match the dress with the sock. Again, the Mister reminded me that this won't happen.
Note: I will be very sure there is no sock anywhere near my dress bag should I need further alterations, just in case!
Have any of you started with wedding dreams? What are your craziest dreams?

Monday, October 12, 2009

How Early is Too Early?

We are 7 months out from the wedding and I have a pretty lengthy to-do list.

How lengthy you ask?

Well here you go:

1. Bird cage embellishments (platform, moss, flowers, large topiaries with “Just Married” sign)
2. Love Birds for the bird cage (pattern in ‘favorites’)
3. Large topiaries
4. “Just Married” sign
5. Planters with grass for flip-flops
6. “Merci” favor bags
7. Cookie buffet (assortment of cake plates, cookie tiers, ribbons with markers… and cookies!)
8. Tea-dyed sheet music
9. Centerpiece containers
10. Luminaries for cocktail tables (if raining, lining entry way and foyer)
11. Cocktail napkins - why our songs are our songs
12. Wishing tree (tree branch, crystals, wishing tags)
13. Escort cards (small envelops with G clef inside in a bed of grass/moss)
14. ‘What to do in the city while waiting for the reception’ cards
15. Ceremony programs
16. Pom-poms for ceremony pews/seating

Due to lack of storage space at my FSIL's house, I think it might be best that I start with small projects.

I also worry that I might be starting these projects too soon. Not so much because of the time factor but because I have changed my mind on several elements of the wedding. And with our tight budget, there is not much room for error.

So I came up with a plan: Research, develop copy/wording, purchase supplies and do a cheap-o test run.

I will research products and price for each project and find recipes for our cookie display. Then I will develop the copy for the programs, cocktail napkins, signage, etc.. I can test the luminaries with paper lunch bags, make a test pom-pom and test the cookie recipes for the holidays!

Now I can satisfy my DIY itch!

What project did you start first? Did you make a game plan?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mo'money, Mo'problems

In the words of Puffy and Biggie, mo'money means mo'problems!

I am a slacker. No, strike that, I am not a good saver. As you know, I was laid off in July and I have not been able to find work yet. My wedding calendar had us doing our engagement photos in August but, financially, we just couldn't do it. And to be honest, I wasn't sure how we were going to pay for the wedding overall!

So in August, I reevaluated our wedding budget and start making cuts.
First item to cut was my shoes...


I had visions of fabulous detail photos showing off my twinkle-toes and flaunting Mr. Blahnik's famous label! ~Sigh~ However, $700 shoes are not a necessity and therefore, (insert "chop" sound) they had to be cut.

That one hurt but I had to rebound because the next was going to be worse.

The Bar -

source: Google Image

Our families like to have a good time. And that "good time" is usually fueled by a fully stocked bar. But the Mister and I aren't over indulging drinkers and neither one of us want to deal with the sloppiness that would likely result in having a full bar. Okay, and it could TOTALLY save us some cash.

So (insert "chop" sound) the full bar is cut! We are having beer and wine only. And taking that one step further, we are having only 2 hours of open bar and wine service during dinner.

Another tough one was the wedding photography. I had wanted the works and gave it the budget to match! I knew we had to trim but didn't know how low we could go while still having quality. So for the last two months, I have been investigating local photographers, talking to friends, negotiating and bartering.

And last week, we found our photographer!

Watching the budget trim down was liberating! Suddenly we knew what "mo'money, mo'problems' really meant.

Our bigger budget wedding was causing us financial stress. Our basic budget wedding has become the wedding of our dreams... Less money, less problems!

Have you had to trim, cut and edit your wedding budget? What were some of your cuts? Did you find that less-is-more?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Turkey Trot Trial

I found my dress! The only thing that would make me love my dress even more is if I wear 20 pounds less when I wear it for the wedding.

It's a sad thought but it's true. And losing weight and getting healthy has less to do with the wedding and more to do with the fact that I gained so much weight in the past three years (not healthy to gain so much in a short period of time) and that the Mister and I plan on trying for a baby within the first 6-9 months of marriage.

Okay, that must have been a lot to take in so let's flip it and reverse it so we are all on the same page!

Yes, the Mister and I plan on starting our family early on in our marriage. We would be trying now if I wouldn't be 7 months pregnant when we walk down the aisle! He is very ready and I am almost ready; the wedding is preventing me from the 100% marker... oh, and that I don't have a job and that we live with the Mister's sister right now. Story for another time.

We both would agree that we would like to have our first child by 30 since we want to have a break between children. And since I am a nervous-nelly, I would like to be done having children by 34 in effort to prevent complications during pregnancy and birth. With that, I would like to be healthy prior to pregnancy to reduce risks even more and to keep up with the babies!

As for the weight gain in a short period of time, well that is easy to explain. I had a demanding job that left me exhausted at the end of the day. The last thing on my mind was exercising and all I wanted was comfort food to ease my stress at the end of the day.

I feel like I need a fitness goal to work towards and a goal in the near future to keep me focused. So I thought about what I could do to start getting me in shape and maybe drop a few lbs at the same time.

Then it hit me: Thanksgiving!

Yes, the day of gorging would be the perfect day to reach my first fitness goal.

A local running group will be hosting their 37th annual Turkey Trot - a 4.4 mile run around a local park. The run starts at 9 am and would get me home in plenty of time for turkey!

4.4 miles for someone who does not workout might be a lot to accomplish in a 8-week training period. Especially since it typically snows here for Thanksgiving. The additional plus about this race is that it offers a 2.2 mile run as well. So should it be a blustery day, I can alter my run to fit my capabilities.

I am looking for a training schedule to fit my abilities and my time frame. Any suggestions on where to look?

Are you looking to get in shape for your wedding? What methods are you utilizing to reach your goal?

The Dress: Part Deux


My first dress shopping experience was a nightmare (The Dress: Part Une). I do admit that I brought that experience on myself. I should have never gone without a person I trust that could be my ally against the strong, saleswomen forces.

Two months after my first shopping experience, I was ready to try again. I called my mom and my girls, I scheduled two appointments; one at David's Bridal, one at Alfred Angelo.

I knew David's would have actual sizes for me to try on so I was looking forward to that. And after talking to a full-figured friend, I found out that Alfred Angelo would very likely have my size as well. This could be the day :)
It was a perfect fall Saturday. I woke up early, took a walk, put on my best bridal outfit and makeup (you know exactly what I am talking about! a polished outfit and flushed cheeks is my look) and made a cup of tea to go. I was excited but calm.

Then I walked in the door to David's and that sense of calm run right back out! It was a crazed morning with about 8 brides and their entire wedding parties (panic trigger #1). The saleswoman takes me to my size and tells me to select three dresses; none of which I had on my favorite list (panic trigger #2). I found three dresses to try on but I had no interest in.

Next we were taken to fitting room. All the brides and their parties were corralled around the center mirror (panic trigger #3). I tried on the first dress.
I stepped out of the fitting room and my mom cried. I told her it was okay but to save the tears for THE dress! My friend's wife wore this dress at their wedding and we would have about 20 of the same guest, I couldn't go with this one.

I tried on the second dress. Pretty yes but just not me.

The third made me run right back to the fitting room. There was too much volume around my waist and hips (panic trigger #4) and I was D.O.N.E.

The saleswoman said she would go pull a few dresses I might like. I looked at the saleswoman (with what had to be an exhausted look on my face) and simply said "I think I am a little overwhelmed. Could we have the girls look for dresses now?" She understood and turned her focus on the girls.

I felt so frumpy and un-bridal. I had tried on a total of 4 dresses at this point and all looked horrible. I was discouraged and nervous about finding a dress that would magically make me thin, beautiful, elegant and bridal!

After a little lunch at Panera Bread (Fuji apple salad... num, num, num) my mom, my sister and I went to Alfred Angelo.

I showed the saleswomen, Lisa, what I had liked from online. She notice that I favored lace and A-line were the styles. She pulled some dresses and brought me to a fitting room. I tried on the first dress and liked it; making progress. I tried on the second dress and liked it; two for two. But while in the second dress I saw a bride getting her final fitting in a beautiful dress. I whisper to Lisa, "could I try that dress?".

Lisa comes back with a dress. It was a few sizes too big but we could get a good idea of how it looks because of the corset back.

As she laced up the back, I felt special in the dress and I hadn't even seen myself in it yet. I open the door, catch a glimpse of me in a mirror across the room and I had to catch my breathe.

My mom smiles, my sister's mouth dropped and Lisa says "I think this could be the one!"

I take my place on the pedestal and I found myself as a bride!

My dream is now my dress. It is ivory, with three tiers of frost lace and a inch of beading at the neckline. Simple yet special, elegant yet understated. It was me!

How was finding your dress? Was it not what you thought it would be in a good or not-so-good way?

Most importantly, is your dress the bridal attire version of your personality?

source: pics 1,2,3 - and the rest are from moi.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Going to the... Chapel? Church? Garden? Theater?... and We're Going to Get Married!

I grew up in the Catholic Church and the Mister was raised with faith but not formal religion.

I was baptized, made my communion and confirmation and was the first female alter server at my church (my claim to religious fame!). And I always thought I would get married in my church.

Confession: I booked the church MONTHS BEFORE we were engaged because I feared all weekends being booked! That is how determined I was to get married at my church.
Once we were engaged and started planning, we found the restriction at my church a little tight. Actually, REALLY TIGHT! By tight I mean:
1. Restricted music list
2. Restricted reading list
3. No flowers on the alter
4. No flowers on the unity candle table
5. No flowers, petals, confetti to be thrown
6. The price tag was... alarming
I knew the music and readings would be an issue but I didn't foresee everything else.
On this day, when we become husband and wife, we want as many personal touches as we can possibly have. After all, this day is a celebration of our marriage!
The more I see ceremonies that are personal to the couple, the more I want that: The Us Factor.
The Mister is on board with whatever I decide. I keep coming up with scenarios that give us the ceremony we want but keep me connected to my church. Maybe have our painist just play our songs without the church's approve? Maybe have the flower girls bring down wagons filled with flowers for some color? Maybe have the ceremony somewhere else and attend church on Sunday for a blessing?
I just can't decide but I know if we don't have the ceremony at my church, my mom will be disappointed.
So what is a bride to do? Is anyone else torn between tradition and wants?

A Très Chic Wedding: The Modern-Traditional Bridal Party

Some of you might be wondering, "why was Très Chic so emotional over her brother's breakup?"
Well, to make a long story short, my younger brother has been the man in my life since I was 5 and he was 18-months (we have an older sister too, she was 7).

Fast forward to now and planning a wedding. My father and I do not have much of a relationship. When I called to tell him the Mister and I are engaged, he wanted to rebuild and reconnect. But the "rebuild and reconnect" tapered off within a few weeks. With that, I knew I had made the right decision.

My brother will be walking me down the aisle. Along with my mother, he will be giving me away and accepting the Mister as an additional member of our family. With my sister as my maid of honor (MOH), she will be right there with us.

I love that our family of four will all be together, on the alter, when I become a wife, a Mrs. and when the Mister becomes the second man in my life (well, officially and forever). It's not formal traditional but I think it's the modern-traditional.

Rounding out wedding party on my side will be my two cousins who have been there for me and have been my best friends since we were 7, 6 and 5.

On the Mister's side, the best man is his best friend from high school (and my good friend from college who let me stay at his place when I had rats and how I met the Mister) and three groomsman who are a combination of high school and work friends.

If you did the math, yes, I will have 3 girls and he will have 4 guys. I didn't know how to ask one friend without asking 3 others. So I kept it to family and one girl will have two escorts.

I am most excited for our little ladies and gentlemen; 5 flower girls and 2 ring bearers!

Was anyone else faced with dilemmas when it comes to traditions?

And if anyone has advice on how to tell my dad he won't be walking me down the aisle, let me have it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Relationships Come...

... and relationships go. Despite age, years together or intensity, the loss of love can sting, burn, cripple and numb even the strongest of people.

I got a dreaded phone call from my little brother (he's 23 and not-so-little) this morning. His girlfriend of 3 years has broken up with him. He is heartbroken.

I find myself crying for him as I write this post; for him, his broken heart and because I know exactly how he is feeling.

This was his third relationship that lasted over 2 years. But this most recent relationship was a different. They made plans. They complimented each other. She was becoming family.

I had a devastating breakup too. All breakups are hard but, similar to my brother's, we had plans and he was becoming family.

I am grateful that my brother turns to me for support. I am a fixer. I have a hard time just listening to problems when there is no solution or no way for me to help. With friends, I can listen and offer support without a problem. But with family, I want to fix and make the problem go away.

Now, I won't be able to heal a broken heart but I can make suggestions on how to keep occupied, how to advance, looking at what lessons could be learned for the next relationship, etc.

But the hardest thing is knowing how much my brother can love. And knowing how hard it is for him to accept love. And worse, how long it takes him to trust. I know he will love again but I hope he can trust again.

No wedding plans today. Just positive vibes out to my brother. BIG HUGS!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: The Theme

As I mentioned before, when we first got engaged, I wanted a simple, clean and elegant look to our wedding. Kelly green, white and black as our color scheme but we didn't have a "theme".

I think I was fooling myself. I loved the color combination and the streamline look of my inspiration photos but there was something miss.

Both the Mister and I are hopeless romantics. We love long walks through the city or country, cooking dinner and dining by candle light, we are committed to date nights (every weekend for the past 4 years and counting) and can't sleep without each other.

This romanticism was lacking in simple and clean scheme. Sure I could inject candles, crystal and champagne but my vision was cold. And even worse, I was not in love with this scheme.
So how could I keep our favorite colors and incorporate the decor of the venue but have the soft, glowing, romantic ambiance I dream of?

Two words: Add pink! Pink is my runner-up favorite color.

So if I soften the green... Turn white into cream...

And add a hint of peachy-pink...

POOF! We have a color scheme.

I love the vintage feel of the peachy-pinks and creams and the green made me instantly think of a garden. And I love the magic of twilight (referring to the time of day but love the book!) and the glow of candles.

With that, our theme was born: Twilight in a Vintage Garden.

Sure, I can't tell you if a vintage garden really exist but the idea of channeling a Parisian garden circa 1920 is exactly what I was looking for. And it is kind of like me, right down to my engagement ring.

Do you have a theme? How did you come up with it?

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Friday, October 2, 2009

All Things French

My name is Très Chic and I am a French-aholic.

I have been obsessed with the language since 5th grade when we got to choose which foreign language we were going to take from 6th grade through high school.

I picked my name (Chantel) and fell in love with the accent, the food, the music, the art, the architecture, the culture and basically the entire French lifestyle.

My love affair with France and all things French has lasted about 15 years now and is still hot-and-heavy! This passion has seeped through me and in the Mister. He loves classic French jazz (music is HUGE for us), is developing a taste for the food, appreciated the romance Paris exudes and has even picked up on some phrases.

As a nod to our love our love affair and our French love affair, we are adding subtle elements into our ceremony and wedding.

For the ceremony, we are engraving our rings with a French phrase we say all the time, even out of context. The phrase: avec toi. Meaning: with you.

Our cocktail hour will be French bistro-style. We are having a few French h'ordeuvres, our favorite French wine (Red Bicycle...mmm...and cheap) and classic French jazz playing in the background.

And our favors will be cookies in a little brown bag, stamped with "Merci".
I also want to add some French flair to our sweetheart table. Any ideas?
I cannot wait to start my little projects!
I am sure no one will catch the French touches but it will be so special to us.

What petite touches will you be adding to your wedding that is just for the two of you?