Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ode to Ina

If there is a person I could switch lives with for a week or just have dinner with, it would be Ina Garten, aka. Barefoot Contessa.

Ina is probably the coolest person ever and someone I strive to be like. Her career is filled with twist and turns. Ina went to school at Syracuse University (near me) and worked in at White House Office of Management and Budget. One day Ina and her adobable husband, Jeffrey, were driving and saw a specialty food store for sale in the Hamptons. Long-story-short, Ina took over the store and made Barefoot Contessa what it is today (even though the store is closed, she has made an empire with the name and lifestyle).

Ina loves all things French, as do I, has a great sense of design, as I think I do, and loves to cook and entertain, as do I.

But she took a risk on a business, which I could never do. And she does everything with such great style and grace, which I am too frumpy to attempt.

She is so cool!

The Mister and I have collected her cookbooks, we watch her show, have bought many items from her Pantry line and the Mister even tried to incorporate some Barefoot Contessa into our engagement.

Incorporate Barefoot Contessa into your engagement, you say?

Well, Ina's sixth and most recent cookbook was coming out right around our engagement. He saw that you could have a personal message from Ina inscribed in your cookbook if you ordered from the BC site.

I guess something was lost in translation but it was just an autographed copy... no "Dear Tres Chic, The Mister is about to ask you to marry him. I hope you say Yes! Ina", like he wanted.

Poo! But it's okay.

I would love to get Ina's opinions on our wedding. I know she would approve of the vintage-garden theme with lots of clean colors and soft touches to add to the romance.

Could you imagine her catering the wedding?! Even just the cocktail hour would be more than enough for me. I can see it now, roasted shrimp cocktail, herb crusted lamb chops, grilled chicken skewers with satay dip, blinis with smoked salmon and her cheese straws! ~sigh~

Is there anyone you turn to for design and style inspiration? Who is it? What makes them so fabulous to you?


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