Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: Our Engagement Photos

Saturday marked a milestone in our engagement: we had our e-photo shoot!
I had always wanted a fall wedding. But when the Mister and I got engaged and started talking wedding, he confessed that he always "dreamed" of a spring wedding. Yes, he "dreamed" and I had to make it come true!

So our compromise was a spring wedding with engagement pictures in the fall. Finding the photographer took almost 3 months, bringing us right up to the deadline for getting out our STDs. This left me with little time to prep for our shoot. But I had a game plan!

My vision: Bride and Groom.

First was getting our attire together. Since Western New York has been especially cold this October, we knew our outerwear was important and cute outerwear was critical! Being the bride, I knew I wanted to be in white and the Mister, being the groom, would be in black.

Thus, our outerwear...

Then for a pop of color, the Mister went with this layered look...

And to compliment him, I went with this...

After plenty of research, I found that props might help us relax and add interest to our shots.

So I developed a prop bag which included a bunch of sunflowers, our Yankess hats, a large umbrella and a change of shoes.

Mix it all together and what do you get?

Our FIRST engagement picture!

source: Two Chicks and a Pod
Did you have a vision for your e-photos? What props did you use?

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