Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: Our Colors

The Mister is cool with whatever I decided on for our wedding colors and theme. Don't get me wrong, he is so helpful with tastings, menus, the cake design, the music and giving his input on flowers. But he will admit that he doesn't have an eye for colors of seeing the "big picture."

When we first got engaged, I was focused on having spring green (his favorite color) and shades of white (my favorite) with black and silver as our accents. I was into the clean and simple look.

Kind of like this...

I still LOVE this look! If I could host a second wedding with the Mister, I would go with this. I mean, look at that table... the couches... the cake... ~swoon~

But I felt the romantic element wasn't there. I wanted to soften the look to match the dresses I was stalking (lots of lace) and I felt we needed to add some of the pale, peachy-pinks that I have been drooling over.

With that, I present our color combination:


Add some shades of cream to that pallet and you have our wedding colors!
~sigh~... I love this color combination. And I think I have the perfect theme that tie in the colors with the romantic, elegant, semi-casual ambiance we want to create.

What is that theme you ask? Back in a tic-toc to tell you! (can you name that musical?)

How did you come up with your wedding colors? Do you have several colors or "shades of" to get it all just right?

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