Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Forget Them... Let Us Eat Cake!

Two Words: Red Velvet.

The Mister and I have a deep and meaningful love affair with red velvet cake. And by "deep and meaningful", I mean we will travel several hours or order from NYC to satisfy our red velvet need!

For the last few weeks, we have been cake sampling...mmmm! And our first question for each baker is "Do you have a red velvet?"

The reactions have been the same from each and every baker, "Yes, we can do it but it's not our favorite."
I guess the amount of food coloring really turns-off the bakers. But they let us try it anyway. Actually, it is not a flavor that is typically on the tasting menu so we purchased a slice or cupcake to try. We figured the baker with the best red velvet makes our wedding cake!

Our favorite red velvet is from Premiere Pastry.
.... ah, heaven! It was moist, fluffy, chocolate-y and the perfect shade of deep red.
With the red velvet approved, now we can begin our second phase of tasting!
What is your signautre cake flavor? Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, fun-fetti?!
source: and Google Image

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