Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Open Letter to Our Unborn Child

Hi Baby,

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  You are not even conceived yet but "so much" does not even begin to describe how much we love you.

In December 2010, Daddy and I knew 2011 was going to be a big, huge, exciting year for us.  Yes, we were going to Paris and London, settling into our first home, celebrating our 1st year of marriage and enjoying our last year in our 20's.  But more important that anything else happen in 2011, we were planning on starting our family; beginning with you.

We love you so very much that we decided we had to get fit and healthy just for you.  And since we knew we couldn't do it alone, we enlisted the help of a diet program and would make us lose lots of weight and get healthy in a short amount of time.  But Daddy and I pay $X,XXX.XX a month for the special food.  Daddy has lost almost 40 pounds but me, Mommy,... well, I am struggling to meet half of that.  But I am trying and I will not give up!  And that means, I will be on this plan a while longer.

So we might not be able to give you the best designer stroller/diapers/clothes but we will get you the safest car seat and crib that money can buy, give you a safe house and warm clothes, a full belly and a happy life.

And I might not be able to stay home with you everyday and watch you grow, but I promise I will be able to play with you for hours when I get home and have the energy to keep up with you and everything you do.   

But most importantly, we promise you a healthy family.  You will be healthy and so will we.  And though you might not understand the importance of it now, you will someday.

So Mommy will keep spending an insane amount of money to get healthy.  Cause it is good for us but it's all for you.

Love you so so so much!
Mommy and Daddy.

And to the readers of this blog: I'm not psycho!  I am just desperate to remember the reason I am on this damn diet to begin with... haha!!

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