Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drastic Decor Decision

Everything is changing. 

I think I lost "my" style in the sea-of-shabby-chic.  I have always loved the muted colors but but not the distressed look. 

Most of the blogs I read, are heavy on the shabby-chic/rustic ocean-side cottage look.  And that's okay!! 

More often than not, I love the blog-land rooms I see!  And slowly but surely, my style started to evolve into the distress, beachy look.  But that's not me! 

Clean, classic, crisp and muted is me.  Like this... - wall color: Grey Mirage

Okay, okay... this is almost me.  I'm not a fan of the cubes on the table or the vines on the stairs but overall, it's clean, classic, a touch modern and subtle. 

Of course this all come to head when we are in no position to redecorate, with the trip coming up and all. 

So for the next 2 months, I will be planning the elements and stalking the sales so, the moment we return, I can get to work!

Another inspiration came from an old mood for from ...

That is our dining room set!  We have similar blinds and green glassware!  And I have been adding pops of spring green for our spring/summer look.  I want to add white curtains over our French doors to cover the hideous vertical blinds.  So though we have this look in the making, having a little guide is helping me stay focused.

More ideas to come but in the meantime, have you had a decor change-of-heart?

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