Monday, August 10, 2009

Gainfully Unemployed

So here I am, unemployed and trying to figure out where I can cut back to make end meet, how to plan a wedding that is 9 months away and most importantly, WHAT do I want to do now?

I have to admit, this isn't my first go around with unemployment.  This is my second layoff in the 5 short years I have been in the work force.  Yes, it was only 5 years ago when I graduated from college with my degree in Communications, thinking I would get into a advertising firm and take it by storm.  Little did I know, I would get into the advertising firm and 9 months later I would be laid off.  This time, I was with a marketing firm and after almost 4 years I was laid off. 

So now what?  Do I stay in this field that had broken my spirit and my heart?  Do I take my skill set to another field and out of my comfort zone?  Or do I chuck it all out the window and do something so crazy and so risky, that would make me so happy and so complete and would put me in the position to lose it all?  

We are in a recession.  And what is the chicest thing to do in a recession?  LOSE IT ALL.  

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