Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: Ring Shopping

About 6 months into our relationship, My Mister and I knew we were in this relationship for the long haul.  So maybe we weren't 100% positive that we would get married but we were sure that NOT being together was NOT an option.

Around our year and a half anniversary, we started ring shopping!  I do have to admit, my immaturity and shallowness made this process difficult.  I had placed all these restriction on where he could shop, the size, color, clarity and cut of the diamond and even how he was to pay for it (I had heard that it is bad to finance a ring without paying it off because it is bad luck to bring debt into a marriage). 

Yes, I made the process almost impossible for My Mister.  But a year and a half after starting ring shopping I had dropped all store restriction, I didn't care about how perfect the diamond was and it didn't matter how he paid for it.  

I just wanted to be his wife and start our life as Mr. and Mrs.. 

Luckily, we did agree that we shouldn't be financing the ring.  But it wasn't about bad luck but just being fiscally responsible. He had been saving and we had been comparison shopping.  Then we found our ring!  I say "our ring" because it was a team effort and he deserves credit for putting up with me.

We had found a place with the best deals on diamonds and a variety of settings I liked.  I had picked out a few settings and tried not to let on to which setting I REALLY loved.  

My Mister played it cool, took note of the rings I liked and closed the deal a few days later without me. 

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