Monday, August 17, 2009

A Très Chic Wedding: The Reaction

My Mister had asked me THE question and I said YES!  

We were so excited!  And like all couples who just got engaged, we started the phone tree; calling our family and texting our friends the good news.

Neither of us had anticipated the variety of reactions we would receive from MY family.  Let me make it clear that My Mister is completely and utterly loved my all of my family and friends.  He is genuine, funny, smart and sincere.  He became part of the family quickly... sometimes knowing the drama of my family better than me!  So the reactions below were all situational and a result of bad timing. 

With that - 

First I called my mom.  She is the most important person and the main parent in my life so naturally, she was the first to be called!  But, being a single parent, she was working at her second job. 


Next I called my older sister.  This was going to be a touchy one since she is: A. Older and B. Single.  The call went just how I should have figured.  A forced happy reaction that left me sad.  

Left sad, I knew I needed my cousins to lift me up and they TOTALLY delivered!  My two cousins and I are all a year apart and are best friends.  They gave me the ecstatic, screaming reaction that I had needed at this point. 

Next up; Dad.  My parents divorced when I was five.  He moved to Alabama and he called on holidays but we never had a real relationship with him.  So I took a deep breathe and called.  His initial reaction was great!  But 24-hours later, he wrote an email to me in attempts to clear the air and rekindle our relationship.  With the history we have, it takes more than an email to repair my heart and better timing would have been nice. 

Finally, my paternal Grandma.  I called her the following morning since we got engaged at 9:00 at night.  I thought I was going to get the Southern-Hoot-And-Holler she is known for.  Nope.  Not even close.  The conversation went like this -
Me - "Hi Grandma!  I have some good news.  My Mister and I got engaged last night!"
Grandma - "Well I am not jumping up and down but I am happy for you."


My cousins were there for the Grandma call.  Their mom is Grandma's daughter so they called their mom to ask what is up with Grandma.  Well, I guess Grandma was having some major pain that day, which she did say after her reaction.  And Grandma is notorious for bringing the attention back to her.  So my aunt reminded me of all of this and calmed me down.  She even talked to My Mister to say "Welcome to the family.  Are you sure you can handle us?!"

I know the world doesn't revolve around our engagement and situations and timing are different for everyone.  So as hurt as I was, I realized it wasn't about lack of love and support for us - it was just bad timing.

Did anyone else get some mixed reactions that were a result of plain, old bad timing?


  1. i was thrilled when you called me!!

  2. Oh my one reader!! hahaha
    Yes, you were one of the BEST reactions! Thank god for that.