Sunday, February 13, 2011

And that's a weekend

Wow, how is it Sunday night already???!!

Saturday was a whirlwind.  We woke up and went to JC for weigh-in and food.  After that, I stopped in the new Tuesday Morning while George cut his hair cut.

Before we knew it, it was time for our pre-cana hosting duties.  It went really well!  We both agreed though, the engaged couples loved but we might not be asked back. 


It wasn't that we weren't serious or weren't on topic.  But I think we were just too easy to relate to.  We were honest: we don't go to church every Sunday.  We aren't strict Catholics and that's okay.  It was okay with all the couples as well... since they all told us this first before we confessed that as well.  But I don't know if the pre-cana leaders feel this was something to share. 

Oh well.  We covered what was needed and we know we sparked some conversation topics that a few of the couples never had.  We did our job and we did it well.  I hope we are asked back.  I hope I am worrying about it more than needed.  Only time will tell.

This morning, we got a 8 am wake-up call from George's dad.  He was at the hospital in our area.  He had slipped at work and dislocated his shoulder. 

With that, George and I were off to the hospital so we could drive dad home, which is an hour away. 

We got home, did some cleaning then off to my mom's house for tea.

It's always wonderful to see my mom, sister and brother!  My mom works a lot... it's a single mother thing.  So when we get to spend time with her, it's a blessing and always entertaining.

Now we are home, resting up for the week.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

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lots of love,

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