Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have a Little Faith With Me

I grew up in the Catholic church.  I really enjoyed that time in my life and that early connection I made with God.

I still have a very strong sense of faith but I have fallen away from attending church.  I have to be honest, I no longer 100% believe in the Catholic faith.  We did get married in the church, but I feel God made us all and loves us all and would never want us to hate someone that he made.  No Exceptions.

George and his family did not practice religion.  And prior to meeting me, like back in his high school days, George might have even said he was an Atheist. 

We discussed our religions and faith in the first months of our relationship (guess you could say we "knew" early on that we were forever).  And I asked him "If I was hurt, and lying in a hospital bed, and the doctors said they didn't know if I would make it, would you say "God please keep her here with me?" 

He said yes.  And I accepted that: I knew he was a man of faith.

After our Pre-Cana classes (which we LOVED... would do it again tomorrow), George and I really felt a connection with out faith.  That our union was greater than us.  It was kind of awesome.  We also walked away set on raising our family with faith.  Maybe not in the Catholic church but most definitely with faith.

Lately, I have been wanting to have that connection again.  We have not been to church since our wedding. I have had many talks with God, some of my favorite saints and praying almost daily.  But I am longing for that sense of community my old church had to offer.

We just don't have a church we belong to.  My childhood church is 30-40 minutes away but, like I said, I have fallen away from that church.  So I am looking for a fresh start.

How do you "shop" for a church?

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