Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting Ahead of Myself

As usual, I am getting ahead of myself.

If you remember, I bought my wedding dress quickly (and have had some regret), I booked our church before we were engaged (I panicked!), I bought my bouquet broach on a whim (at least it was cheap) and I'm a self-proclaimed impulse shopper.

This over eagerness extends into other areas in my life . With job hunting, if I am perfectly qualified for a job posting, I plan on already having an interview and when I can start. With the holidays, I have already planned a menu, selected a wine list and thought about the table setting... but I don't host any family holidays at this point!

Now with house hunting, I have mentally painted and decorated and have started planning our holiday in the house.

Normal, right?

No, it isn't. I haven't mentioned the completely insane part: we haven't even SEEN the house let alone put on offer on it! We don't even know if the house is still available. But here I go again... planning a dream.

Okay, get ready for it. I am about to show you what triggered this post...


Sorry for the small picture but it is a Wedgewood Christmas ornament, with a door knocker in the center that has the words "Our First Home 2009".

Yes, I have already found a Christmas ornament to memorialize the first Christmas we will have in a house we haven't bought or seen yet. Craaaazzzy!

Are any of your over eager planners that tend to get ahead of yourself?

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