Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Years Eve and Resolutions

Each New Years Eve, I have visions of George and I, along with our friends, having a glamorous party, at a fabulous hotel, with lots of bubbly champagne, dancing and celebrating...

(almost this fabulous... haha!  it's all I could find, but you get my point)

However, our typical NYE is less than fabulous.  It's usually pretty standard with junk food, cheap sparkling wine and sleepy eyes come 11:00 pm.  Last year was fun though!  Look at the sleepy eyes on George... and the elastic band from his NYE hat ... haha!

And this year, we are planning for the same.  We are going to George's sister's house.  My mom and sister and going to hang out too.  It's junk food, games and drinks.  I will probably pass out and George will wake me up just in time for our 2011 kiss, then I will pass out again :)

But this year, I am really looking forward to my resolutions.  I need to drop some lbs. and I want to get healthy for:
1. My self
2. Going to Paris
3. Family planning

And of those reasons, it's #3 that is really driving this goal.  2011 is our year for starting a family (God allowing).  We plan on going to Paris in May and starting our family that summer.

We would have started earlier but we wanted to go Paris for our 1 year anniversary....aaannnd I may or may not find it really important to be able to drink wine in Paris!

Efforts to get healthy have started but I am looking forward to all the deals on weight loss programs that the New Year will bring.  More on all of that later...

Another resolution is to volunteer more.  Last year, I learned how lucky I was to have a wonderful husband and family that helped me get through the hardtimes.  And I would like to pay-it-forward and help those who are struggling too.

Finally, I want to get a few things done around the house before we start our family.  I would LOVE to get new kitchen cabinet doors, a new dishwasher, refinish our deck and make the attic more of a living/working space. 

What are your New Years Eve plans? 
Are you thinking of resolutions yet?

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