Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our First Christmas: Card.

First let me say that there are a butt-load of Christmas card options out there!

With that, I narrowed down our search using the Sarah Method; Whatever is Cheapest.

Armed with my coupon codes for Snapfish and Shutterfly, I scoured each site, looking for a card the best complemented our formal wedding picture...

We found SO many cards...

Merry Christmas 3Photo Wreath Red 5x7 Peace, Joy, Love Holiday Magic Brown tidings of comfort and joySilvered Flake

But our picture was not working in ANY of them!  I really wanted my bouquet to show and not be too zoomed-in.  Also, we just wanted one picture.  The small card looked SO busy with more than 1 photo. 

And, well, our picture is formal.  And many of the cards are a bit more whimsical, which I am typically into but felt like that look wouldn't be a match.

So after much debate, we decided on a classic look...

This isn't the exact card we selected but it's very close (Snapfish doesn't offer the design anymore... I'm sure it was because it was sooooo popular :-)  ).  The green ribbon is more of a green scroll on ours.  And the year is framed with scroll work as well.

Anyhoo, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS METHOD OF CHRISTMAS CARD GIVING!!!  It's so easy to print, stuff, address and send. 

Do you send holiday cards?  Do you go with the standard card with a note or the photo card?

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