Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dieting Sucks...

... but, it coud be worse!  George and I started Jenny Craig 5 days ago.  All in all, it's really good! 

The food is good... my favorites are the french toast, blueberry mini loaf (like a muffin), turkey panini, the turkey buger, fish and chips and turkey and gravy dinner.  Oh, and the triple chocolate cheesecake and bruschetta veggie chips.

And we are eating a ton of fruits and veggies, which was never really a problem for us... we strive for five! haha

We noticed right off the bat that we didn't "think" about food.  Like we planned meals, almost always went with healthy options but we didn't think about portions, when we ate, how we prepared it, etc.

When I cook, I usually just wing it!  No measuring.  No recipe.  Just chopping, mixing, stirring, sauteing, grilling, etc. I would use too much oil and didn't know.  Or cook 4 servings for just the two of us.

JC takes over the majority of portion control for you so you can recognize what is a healthy portion.  We do measure some things, like our daiy 1 tsp of oil and 2 cups of salad greens, to get us ready for when we take over cooking.

But 5 days in and so far so VERY good!  But still, dieting sucks.  I feel guilty for having a glass of red wine tonight but come on... sister needed a drink!

Happy Thursday!

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