Monday, January 3, 2011

Pack it up. Pack it in. Let me begin.

As I mentioned here and here, we have a lot of plans for 2011.  And I have no idea why I have this mindset, but I will not start resolutions until January 1st of any given year.

In recap, the resolutions for 2011 are:
1. Lose weight and get healthy
2. Volunteer
3. Be more aggressive with money (savings, 401k, trim monthly budget. etc.)
4. House projects
5. Travel and have more experiences with Geo  (just added this!)

So, it's time to begin tackling that list!  Here we go... I am going to list efforts for my list... because I love lists.

Goal 1: Lose weight and get healthy
- Joined Jenny Craig today (can't wait to tell you about this process... the food better be good!)
- Taking a daily pre-natal vitamin
- Cleaned out our kitchen cabinets of holiday foods and snacks
- Purchased Zumba for the Xbox 306 Kinect

Goal 2: Volunteer
- Looking into run/walk events for a cause that I support and can raise money for and participate in
- I suck.  I need to do more here but it's only 3 days into the new year.

Goal 3: Be more aggressive with money
- Purchased a copy of SmartMoney magazine... haha!  yes, that's an effort :)
- Looking into better life and disability insurance policies

Goal 4: House Projects
- Christmas is put away
- Basement is reorganized
- Kitchen cabinets are cleaned out

Goal 5: Travel and have more experiences with Geo 
- We are going on Jenny Craig together, which will be one heck of an experience!
- Paris in May '11
- NYC or Toronto in late summer early spring for a Yankees game

Not bad for 3 days in, ay?

I think January 15th is the national Resoultions Lost day so we will see how I am doing then :)

Happy Monday!

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